Ludicrously Capacious Bags and the Death of Flashiness
A Recipe
Is There A Love Affair That Lasts Forever?Listen now (31 min) | Calling All Hopeless Romantics! Tonight on Radiorama! we are going to be reading famous love letters. We have a series of letters…

February 2023

Do you ever lie awake at night mulling over a moment from your past? Obsessing over it, night after night, dissecting every part of the memory in hopes…

January 2023

Damien Chazelle's 80 million dollar epic might just be the worst movie of the year.

December 2022

Turns out, the most famous sting operation in Australia's history makes for a pretty good movie.
aka a list of really good movies (and where to watch them)

November 2022

A poem from 2019
class, comedy and culinary arts-- all wrapped up in a fun horrific night
A deconstruction of the "IT Girl"
It takes seven scoops of grounds to make coffee- eight if you’re making Bustello, which you should always make first. A lesson I learned the hard way…

October 2022

Notes on Religion, Scamming and Aura Photography