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Succumbing to Spiritualism with Kate Van Horn

Kate Van Horn is a Los Angeles based Intuitive Tarot Reader, Psychic and Mentor. I got in touch with Kate, following the launch of her new book, The Inner Tarot (which is now available for purchase!) to talk about her relationship to Spirituality and the balance she finds between her roles as a Spiritual Coach and a business owner.

KAITLIN OWENS: Where are you from?

KATE VAN HORN: I grew up in Haddonfield, NJ which is a small suburb of Philadelphia. I later moved to Los Angeles where I am currently based. 

KO: Have you always been Spiritual? What drew you to Spirituality?

KVH: I was not always spiritual, but I was always curious about various spiritual and metaphysical practices. I remember reading my horoscope as a young girl, and even seeing a psychic early in my college years because I was fascinated, although I didn’t identify as intuitive myself yet. 

Later, in my early 20’s I was in the midst of therapy and treatment for an eating disorder, PTSD, and working to heal from sexual abuse. I found a deck of tarot cards and purchased them for myself during this chapter. It felt like a creative and beautiful way to tap into my own energy and begin to process and even celebrate these scars and imperfections I was learning to appreciate about myself. 

It was through this deep healing work that I started to sense my own psychic abilities “coming online” and was more aware and open to the idea of expressing this part of myself. I had always known I was highly sensitive, but had no idea how to work with that energy to my advantage! 

I found my spiritual practice to be quite grounding, validating, and optimistic. It allowed me to stop living from a reaction of fear and distrust, and start to see something powerful and purposeful outside of myself and my past. 

KO: What does a Spiritual Coach do?

KVH: A spiritual coach is someone who guides, empowers, and supports an individual on their spiritual journey while they tap into their intuition, inner wisdom, and divine path. Every spiritual coach has their own approach, tools, modalities they share. In my business I share psychic readings and tarot readings, group courses, intuitive workshops, psychic mentorship, etc. 

KO: How did you get started? What did your business look like in Year One compared to how it looks now? 

KVH: While I’ve been an entrepreneur for longer, my spiritual business began about five years ago. 

I started by sharing readings with friends and family until I was brave enough to read for others in my network. At the time I was teaching yoga and offering business coaching and event planning services to wellness-focused entrepreneurs. Because I was already in a consulting and coaching space, I started to infuse tarot at the end of calls and my clients were so receptive to the intuitive messages and creative approach to conversation. 

From there I started becoming more comfortable and confident sharing not only my relationship with the cards, but tarot tips and other content on social media which allowed me to start to build a community around the tarot deck. 

Readings began as a “side hustle” which started slow but soon word of mouth picked up rather quickly.I’ve been fortunate that my clients speak highly of me to their friends, family, and audiences. Psychic work and spiritual mentorship is a very personal decision, and it’s direct referrals feels old-school to most business models but is actually quite supportive to my line of work. 

I also launched my tarot course in early 2020, which opened up a larger community and allowed me to begin to to share my style of teaching and explaining the cards. The courses and intuitive workshops I hosted eventually led me to write my book proposal and connect with my agent. We pitched the concept for The Inner Tarot and landed the deal!

The passion and love for tarot and spiritual healing has remained, but the message around it has elevated across the last five years, allowing me to write and share about it with more experience but also confidence. 

KO: Where do you see yourself going from here? What is your dream for Kate Van Horn as a brand?

KVH: I hope to create a tarot deck that compliments my book, The Inner Tarot! I would love to creatively direct and design a deck that embodies the magic of this tool, and supports readers in all stages of their tarot journey. 

I also dream of eventually writing more helpful books, all of them rooted in empowered spiritual growth and transformation but perhaps applied differently, for example in our homes, through our writing/journaling, etc. 

I know someday I will own a retreat space and host circles, gatherings, events, and intimate retreats that create really sacred experiences for those on their spiritual journey. I can’t wait to see what that dream space eventually looks like! 

As a brand, I simply hope that I can continue holding space for authentic stories, vulnerability, and growth of my clients and community. It really brings me the most joy to witness that in others and offer creative and refreshing ways to heal. 

KO: Any funny stories of things that have happened while developing your business?

KVH: Introducing myself to others as a professional psychic has put me in quite a few funny interactions. There are so many misconceptions and judgements of what my business must look like as a practicing psychic. And while I completely understand it’s an unexpected way to start a business, it’s one I bring a lot of intentionality and integrity to. 

The immediate shock leads to a few funny questions, but eventually leads to really great conversation where I try to clarify what spiritual work of this nature truly looks like. 

There are no crystal balls, just grounded and empowering support for my clients. 

I hope my book, The Inner Tarot offers the same practical but purposeful practices for healing and connecting!


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