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Kaitlin Owens


Editor in Chief

@magdilettante on Socials

Alex Bosworth



Alex Bosworth is a writer and digital video analyst living in New York City. She is the author of the newsletter trinket shelf, where she analyzes whatever pop/internet culture phenom she can't stop thinking about. When she's not over analyzing she can be found reading voraciously, becoming obsessed with a new hobby for 3 months, or walking aimlessly around the city. 

Kyle Johnson


Kyle is a writer based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He keeps a perpetual eye out for the eccentric, the misunderstood, and the humor in it all. 

Anders Ljung


Anders Ljung is an interdisciplinary artist based in North Carolina, currently navigating his academic journey as a Junior at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. Pursuing a degree in Media and Journalism, his roots trace back to Wilmington, where the rich tapestry of his Southern upbringing has distinctly woven its bold influence into the fabric of his art and writing. His personal portfolio website is

Bria Diemer



Bria Diemer was born under a Cancer moon. She currently lives in Philly and works remotely. In between long stretches of staring at screens Bria enjoys reading and plucking her eyebrows. She is a poet, she comes from the Marilyn Monroe school of thought

Samantha Friedman

Samantha Friedman is a chronically online, soho-based copywriter that has worked at the biggest ad agencies in New York City. She’s a professional matchbook collector and matcha lover. She’s been writing a book for 3 years on Google docs and manifests her dream life on Pinterest. In her free time you can find her scanning paperbacks at McNally Jackson, buying a green juice, talking shit on her fire escape and ignoring the Oxford Comma.

Tabitha Wilson

Tabitha Wilson was on Tumblr in 2012 and it shows. They work as a content writer for a small marketing startup and currently live in Appalachia. When not looking after their kid, they love to read, write, and watch 90 Day Fiancé. They love seeking divinity in the trashiest media imaginable. You can find Tabitha on Instagram as @tabithathorns . 

Olivia Linnea Rogers



Olivia Linnea Rogers is a Norwegian-British writer, fringe enthusiast, film watcher, and poet, if you're lucky. Based in London. She can obviously be found online, Instagram (@olivialinnearogers) and Twitter (@olivialinrogers).

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