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Dilettante Magazine

Freakishly Fashionable

Think: Martha Stewart Living for Moody Goths, Architectural Digest for DIY’ers, Vogue for people who like to shop small and buy secondhand.

Here at Dilettante, We want to spotlight the passionate hobbyists building their own Fantasy World each and every day.

If you’d like to contribute to the current issue, please email with 3-5 short sentences about your idea and a link to your best work. We’re open to written articles, interviews and video content. Dream Big!


The Dilettante Approach

Spotlighting Small Business

Here at Dilettante, we're dedicated to featuring the independent artists, creators and hobbyists crafting their own fantasy world every day.

Conscious Shopping Practices

As a planet, we have been mass-producing everything under the sun for decades now. At a certain point, we have enough stuff -- and the continued overproduction of goods is leading to very real consequences in our world. Dilettantes believe in shopping Vintage, mending what you can and making do with what you've got.

Cultural Relevance

We've got opinions on just about everything! Dilettante Magazine is dedicated to staying abreast of current cultural critique and amplifying the voices of our contributors.

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